Monday, August 27, 2012

Both of them so strictly, there make me scared!

Salam alaik,

Ai smua… Now I know y sis cakap ‘tau dak kami menikah macam mana?’. I though sis n bro in law ni kawan. Jumpa masa event apa-apa ke masa sis keje JAIS but! They are anak sepupu and pak sepupu. That y la I think sis cakap macam tu. Then I never ask anything. I don’t know y I didn’t ask. Normally I keep asking itu ini.. but now never!! when I think I’m confuse then I ask. If not! I keep silent all the time. Y huh??? Any idea? 

This raya my sis ask me. ‘y u never have bf? Are u trauma with men?’ then I look at her. I never give the answer but I ask her ‘y u ask? Got any bf for me?’ see! I’m not totally trauma with men. A bit may be. Hahaha. X nak ngaku lak tu.  J

For me may be it’s not suitable time to thinking about men. If he like me propose me as muslim and get married. After married we can couple what? But when I think again…. Is that what I want in my life? Until now I keep thinking.. (istiharah lah kamu, nescaya kamu akan beroleh jawapan.J)

When u decide to change then Allah will send to u people who is can help u change. Believe or not but its happened to me. And a lot of thank to Allah cause send all my friend, him and his family to me eventhough I feel so small compare with them.  

Now I don’t know what to type. Cause…. My mind thinking my work. I need to settle the report by tonight because tomorrow need to send to client and a day after tomorrow I have site inspection and! My boarding time at 3pm. I don’t know either I can pick all the time or not. Please wish for me.

A human who want happiness

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